Tierhelfer Program

We offer the Tierhelfer Program for campers who have graduated from 8th grade, but who are not yet in high school (the summer before 9th grade). Please register for the program using a Tierhelfer Registration Form.

Fees for the program are $225/week. Tierhelfers will spend the morning and also some time during the afternoon learning about and performing tasks related to the running of Country Camp. This includes providing basic care to some of the animals on the farm. Tierhelfers will engage in physical work, including cleaning, scooping, weeding, raking, pushing a wheelbarrow, assisting with building and painting projects, watering and feeding and/or assisting with the bathing of animals, washing eggs, setting up Mildred’s Market and learning how to use the following tools (with supervision): drill, hammer, hand-saw, wire cutters, rake. Tierhelfers will not use power tools.

How is this different from the Junior Counselor program?

  • Tierhelfers will not be responsible for supervising other campers.
  • Tierhelfers will not help with leading camp activities.
  • Tierhelfers will eat lunch with peers of their choice and not with the counselor group.
  • Country Camp’s Director or a senior Counselor will direct and supervise all Tierhelfer activities.
  • Tierhelfers will play games with the other campers as their time allows, but if they are working on a different task they will forgo playing games on occasion.
  • Tierhelfers will join the regular camp group during the day at determined intervals.
  • Tierhelfers will be asked to assist in a non-costumed capacity during some of imagination time.

Tierhelfers will have training sessions at the end of the day to discuss their experiences with Country Camp’s Directory and/or an assigned senior Counselor and will receive additional suggestions for improvement.

If you have questions about the Tierhelfer program, please contact us at thecountrycamp@gmail.com