Summer Information

  • Session #1 Coppersville (June 12-23) FULL – Accepting Wait List Only
  • Session #2 Boarwald Academy (June 26-30) FULL – Accepting Wait List Only
  • Session #3 Out of the Shadows (July 10-21) FULL – Accepting Wait List Only
  • Session #4 The Golden Truffle (July 24-August 4) FULL – Accepting Wait List Only
  • Session #5 Guardians and Goblins (August 7-18) FULL – Accepting Wait List Only

Country Camp is open from 8:45am-4:00pm Monday through Friday during the summer. We are closed on weekends. Country Camp is a working acreage; visits to the property must be arranged with the Director.

Our operating principle is to support and guide imaginative outdoor physical play. We do not stick to a schedule, but a day at Country Camp might look something like this:

  • story time
  • arts and crafts based on session theme
  • group game
  • independent play, nature activities, animal care and visiting (“free time”)
  • lunch
  • activities based on session theme (“imagination time”)
  • snack and singing
  • group game
  • independent play, nature activities, animal care and visiting (“free time”)

Be sure to stop at Mildred’s Market at the end of the day!

What should my camper bring? 

  • a facemask (optional – please see Health & Safety)
  • a healthy lunch (please note that we are not a nut-free camp)
  • a healthy snack (in addition to lunch, please send a separate snack for afternoon snack time. We’ve noticed some campers eat their snacks along with their lunches in the summer. As we give ample time for lunch and the kids are playing hard outside all day, you may need to pack more food than you usually do for school – please check in with your camper to make sure they know to eat their snack at snack time)
  • water in a labeled water bottle (does not have to be fancy)
  • an extra sweatshirt or sweater for chilly mornings
  • any necessary medications
  • campers should wear sturdy, washable shoes (please no flip-flops or Crocs)
  • please put sunscreen and/or bug repellant on your child before arriving at Country Camp – if you would like your child to reapply a specific sunscreen during the day, please send that sunscreen (labeled) with your child (otherwise we have general sunscreen available and we reapply sunscreen after lunch)

As a reminder, we do not allow mobile phones, video games, headphones, Pokemon cards or MTG cards. If your camper has these items for before or after camp, they will need to remain in their bag until 4:00pm.

No pets please. If your pet is in your vehicle for pick-up or drop-off, do not let your pet out of the vehicle at the farm.

Hours and Location

Camp begins at 9:00am at the farm each morning. We do permit you to drop-off your campers starting at 8:45am when we open. Please do not enter the driveway until Country Camp is open.

Camp ends at 4:00pm at the farm each afternoon. Pick-ups begin at 3:45pm. You will be charged a late pick-up fee if you arrive after 4:10pm.

We appreciate your understanding that we are diligent about vehicles at pick-up and drop-off for the safety of our campers. The driveway to Country Camp is clearly marked. If you arrive before 8:45am, please remain in your vehicle on the road until we open. Parking along the road (beyond the driveway in front of the farmhouse) is reserved for counselors only. Follow the painted signs and the directions from our friendly counselors. You will drive clockwise all the way around the circle driveway and park per counselor instruction. You may remain in your vehicle as counselors will walk your children to and from your vehicle. If you would like to accompany your child for drop-off, please park as instructed and use the pathway. We are teaching the children not to enter the driveway for their own safety and appreciate you setting an example. If you arrive for an early pick-up, please enter the driveway very slowly. Please remain with your vehicles at pick-up. Please do not visit the animals or tour the farm before or after camp.


Directions to the Farm: Take Highway 1 to the southwest of Iowa City towards Kalona. Take a left on to Maier Avenue (gravel) which takes an S curve and winds past a small subdivision (on your left.) At the first intersection, take a right onto Osage. We are the only property on the road. Past our property, the road becomes a level B road.


Heat, Inclement Weather

As you all know, summer in Iowa can bring some very hot days. Please be sure to dress your campers accordingly, apply sunscreen before dropping them off, and send them with water bottles (and their own sunscreen to reapply in the afternoon). If your camper needs assistance or monitoring in reapplying sunscreen, please let us know via email. We are an outdoor summer camp and are well versed in heat. We require campers to take breaks in the shade, drink water frequently, and we also sometimes use the hose by Mildred’s Market to play water games and cool off in the afternoon. Campers are not allowed in the pond. We are mindful of the heat, but please let us know if you have specific concerns for your camper. 

If pickup occurs during inclement weather (heavy rain and/or lightning), we will have you stop in the circle drive to pick up at the door of our facility so that we can bring your campers just a few steps to your car. If there is a tornado warning or strong winds, we will shelter in the basement of the house. Please do not drive out to Country Camp during a tornado warning to retrieve your camper. If there were to be a tornado warning during pickup (3:30-4:10pm) we would shelter campers in the basement and pickups would occur after the warning ended. 

School Supply Donation

If your campers have brought home any school supplies (markers, pens/pencils, glue, scissors, craft materials, blank paper) at the end of the year that you would like to donate to Country Camp, please send them with your camper at any point. We try to use recycled and repurposed materials for our craft projects as often as possible and appreciate all donations.

Mildred’s Market

Please feel free to stop by Mildred’s Market when you pick up your camper if you’re interested in purchasing eggs from our free range chickens or organic produce. You can park your car where pick-ups occur and walk on the designated pathway to visit the market. We are modeling this for the campers, so please do not walk across the driveway.

Our Policies

We enjoy the diversity of our campers and their families and operate under the guidelines of non-discriminatory policies for public facilities and organizations. Children at camp are respected as individuals. We know there are individual needs and if you have any concerns regarding your child, please contact a staff member. We encourage open dialogue between the campers, guardians/parents and staff about camp issues and concerns. It is very rare for a child to be asked not to return to camp. We do, however, reserve that option.

You are asked to check your child both in when you arrive and out at the end of the day. If your child will be riding home with a friend or if you have other arrangements, please let us know in writing. Please introduce yourself to all counselors when you are picking up or dropping off your child.

Campers who are fully engaged in their activities don’t present behavior problems. This is our operating premise. We correct behavior with redirection and instruction on the preferred behavior. We discipline for behaviors that jeopardize the safety of the camper or others. We have the child sit with a counselor for a few moments to discuss the possible outcomes of their behavior and how to make better choices. Then, as appropriate, we reintegrate them into the group.

If campers use inappropriate language or engage in inappropriate conversation, we explain that it isn’t acceptable in a mixed age and gender camp. If it continues, we will let the parent/guardian know.

We have clean clothing on hand, of various sizes, for accidents and spills. If you prefer to keep your own change of clothing for your child, send it with your child (labeled) at the beginning of camp.

Children who are on medication may take their medication at camp.

If your child becomes ill, we will phone and make arrangements for them to be picked up. We will see that the child rests comfortably with a counselor staying with them until you arrive.

If someone else is to pick up your child, you must inform us via phone or email.

Additional questions? Please email us at