Summer Registration

Summer 2018 Registration Form


We will confirm registration via email. If you have not heard from us within two weeks of mailing in your registration forms, please contact

Spaces do fill quickly, so we suggest you return your registration form as soon as possible. Please make a photocopy for your own records. We require a $25 nonrefundable deposit per week, which will be credited toward your cost of enrollment. Because we have a limit on the number of spaces available per session, any guest to camp must have prior approval (visiting cousins, friends, etc.). Most sessions are two weeks. Campers may sign up for only one week (with the exception of Film Camp) and be charged a prorated fee, or they may combine different sessions. These descriptions will suggest ideas, but what you decide to do in each session is up to you!

Session 1: The Sisters Grimmly (June 4 – June 15) SESSION 1 is FULL

The elderly Grimmly Sisters have always lived in the forest outside of the Village of Grimmbleton, writing fairy tales beloved by the villagers. However, when the creatures and magical characters in their book of fairy tales start coming to life and appearing in the village, the villagers realize someone has stolen the book and placed a curse on Grimmbleton. Can the villagers help the Grimmly Sisters remember the way to the witch’s hut to find the thief, recover the book and put everything right again?

Session 2: Warriors of Lenlie (June 18 – June 29) SESSION 2 is FULL

Lenlie was the greatest warrior of her time and since the defeat of the invaders, she has ruled peacefully over her realm. But now, Ket and the army he calls the Invisibles are threatening to overthrow the kingdom and steal the stone of peace. Lenlie must train new warriors to protect her people and save the realm.

Session 3: Film Camp (July 2 – July 13) 

Please see a description of our famous Film Camp and requirements for eligibility here. There will not be camp on the 4th of July.

Session 4: Cowpoke Conundrum (July 16 – July 27) SESSION 4 is FULL

Cowpoke Crossroads, home to Cowpoke Candy, is under the thumb of a gang of cattle rustlers and outlaws. To get them out of town, the townsfolk must infiltrate the gang and spy on their plans. The plot thickens when they enlist a rival gang of bandits who decide to use the candy delivery wagons for their own smuggling operation. Who can be trusted?

Session 5: Lua Pele and the Malahini (July 30 – August 10) SESSION 5 is FULL

Villagers at the base of a volcano have to protect it from all who come to steal the treasure of Lua Pele. When a group of village climbers discover that the treasure is already missing, the bravest among them must travel to the Island of Malahini, to seek the advice of the mysterious Akamai.

Session 6: Boarwald Academy (August 13 – August 17) SESSION 6 is FULL

The Boarwald Academy is one of the oldest Schools of Magic and Wizardry in the Rural Midwest. Founded in its current location by Sörjen Olsen and her Skogkatt, Olaf, the Academy teaches the principles and methods of the Klokke Folk, the oldest branch of Wizardry and Hexekrafte in Scandinavia. Students learn the basics of potion making, spell writing and practice, botanical remedies, animal husbandry, history, and, of course, protection against Skappning.