Summer Program

Summer 2023 sessions include:

  • Session #1 Coppersville (June 12-23) FULL – Accepting Wait List Only
  • Session #2 Boarwald Academy (June 26-30) FULL – Accepting Wait List Only
  • Session #3 Out of the Shadows (July 10-21) FULL – Accepting Wait List Only
  • Session #4 The Golden Truffle (July 24-August 4) FULL – Accepting Wait List Only
  • Session #5 Guardians and Goblins (August 7-18) FULL – Accepting Wait List Only

We will confirm registration via email. If you have not heard from us within two weeks of mailing in your registration forms, please contact

We need a hard copy of the 2-page registration form so please print and mail (we cannot accept registration forms sent via email).

Spaces do fill quickly so we suggest you mail in your registration form as soon as possible. We require a nonrefundable $25 deposit per child per week, which will be credited toward the cost of tuition. Please send a check with your registration form or you can pay via Venmo.

Because we have a limit on the number of spaces available per session, any guests to camp must have prior approval (visiting cousins, friends, etc.)

These descriptions will suggest ideas, but what you decide to do in each session is up to you!

Session #1 (June 12 - June 23) Coppersville
FULL - Accepting Wait List Only

It’s the roaring era of jazz and the city of Coppersville is booming, with the fanciest shops selling everything except for silver, which is banned by Mayor Copper, who despises the color. Smugglers and spies use secret codes and passageways to get around the ban, but must watch out for the Coppers who enforce the mayor’s ridiculous rules.

Session #2 (June 26 - June 30) Boarwald Academy
FULL - Accepting Wait List Only

The Boarwald Academy is one of the oldest schools of Magic and Wizardry. Founded in its current location by Sorjen Olsen and her Skogkatt, Olaf, the Academy teaches the principles and methods of the Klokke Folk, the oldest branch of Wizardry and Hexekrafte in Scandinavia. Students learn the basics of potion making, spell writing and practice, botanical remedies, animal husbandry, history, and, of course, protection against Skappning.

No camp from July 3-July 7

Session #3 (July 10 - July 21) Out of the Shadows
FULL - Accepting Wait List Only

Centuries ago, the villagers at the edge of the Siberian Taiga stole the Runestone from the Lykos, wolf creatures who live deep in the Taiga. A new generation of villagers have decided to return the Runestone, but something (or someone) does not want to give it up.

Session #4 (July 24 - August 4) The Golden Truffle
FULL - Accepting Wait List Only

Tartufo is the most famous culinary town in the world. Every building serves as a restaurant where chefs compete each year for the Golden Truffle. Critics and inspectors descend upon Tartufo to decide who can compete and who will take home this year’s prize.

Session #5 (August 7 - August 18) Guardians and Goblins
FULL - Accepting Wait List Only

The Guardians are magical beings who protect non-magical creatures. The Goblins are magical beings who steal from non-magical creatures (and often get caught). When a series of mysterious events threatens everyone in the magical world, the Guardians and Goblins may have to join forces.