Summer Registration

Registration for Summer 2017 is now open!


We will confirm registration via email. If you have not heard from us within two weeks of mailing in your registration forms, please contact

Spaces do fill quickly, so we suggest you return your registration form as soon as possible. Please make a photocopy for your own records. We require a $25 nonrefundable deposit per week, which will be credited toward your cost of enrollment.

Because we have a limit on the number of spaces available per session, any guest to camp must have prior approval (visiting cousins, friends, etc.)

These descriptions will suggest ideas, but what you decide to do in each session is up to you!

13606491_1138435966199453_3318541662809111590_n Arboreal Dwellers (June 5-16) Session 1 is full.

From one end of their village to the next, the Arboreals are able to travel without ever touching the ground. Only when they need to gather items for their unique creations do they come down, but when they do, sometimes the frightful Riveren are waiting. Unless they learn to communicate, they won’t know what the Riveren want.

208936_414124048630652_2082242290_n (1) The Vikings (June 19-30) Session 2 is full.

Along the placid lake there is fishing and mining for the guld hav sten, the gold sea stones, which are used for trade. The Villegersâ milk goats, tend their baby chicks and lambs, all while keeping an eye out for the Raiders Tyve.

borwald Boarwald Academy (July 3-7: no camp on the 4th of July)  Session 3 is full.

The Boarwald Academy is one of the oldest Schools of Magic and Wizardry in the Rural Midwest. Founded in its current location by Sörjen Olsen and her Skogkatt, Olaf, the Academy teaches the principles and methods of the Klokke Folk, the oldest branch of Wizardry and Hexekrafte in Scandinavia. Students learn the basics of potion making, spell writing and practice, botanical remedies, animal husbandry, history, and, of course, protection against Skappning.

 Film Camp (July 10-21) Session 4 is full.

Please see a description of our famous Film Camp and requirements for eligibility here.

image_1 copy 2 Operatives (July 24-August 4) Session 5 is full.

A secret code has been broken and a treasure stolen, but by whom? There are many possibilities. Is it the Kém who live in the forest? The Espion who travel with packs? The Bakers who seem innocent enough? The Rusks whom everyone always suspects?

P1000513 The Stevhall Site (August 7-11) Session 6 is full.

Ancient structures emerge from the shadows – an array of mysterious roads, bridges and mounds. Explorers excavate and recreate. They must piece together a great mystery.