Summer Registration

SUMMER 2019 REGISTRATION FORM (print and mail)


We will confirm registration via email. If you have not heard from us within two weeks of mailing in your registration forms, please contact

Spaces do fill quickly, so we suggest you return your registration form as soon as possible. Please make a photocopy for your own records. We require a $25 nonrefundable deposit per week, which will be credited toward your cost of enrollment.

Because we have a limit on the number of spaces available per session, any guest to camp must have prior approval (visiting cousins, friends, etc.)

These descriptions will suggest ideas, but what you decide to do in each session is up to you!

Session #1. Scouts of the Realm (June 3-14) 

Trolls and something else have left signs that they are about to enter the Wilde Realm. The Fairies, Griffin Trainers, and Scouts of Wilde Realm must join together and use their powers to protect each other and drive the trolls (and something else) away.

Session #2. Tumbleweed Wagon (June 17-28)

The Tumbleweed Stagecoach has had trouble journeying across the prairie. Prairie settlers must send supplies and hold off the bandits along the way. Someone has to rescue them and their horses.

Session #3. Indie Film Camp (July 1-12) 

Brand new this summer! The Film Festival opens in less than two weeks and Producers Copper and Potts are taking meetings. If your elevator pitch is good, they will get the cameras rolling. Campers will complete their own short films – writing scripts, scouting locations, casting, and costuming in the first week and directing, filming, and acting in the second week (with an assigned counselor helping with the filming & editing). Links to the films will be shared on the last day of camp. There will not be camp on July 4 or July 5.

Session #4. Aviators (July 15-26) Session 4 is FULL. Accepting wait list only.

A group of Aviators are grounded in a small village (circa 1913). The circumstances surrounding their grounding are questionable. The mayor insists they never fly again, but a local resistance organization is secretly smuggling parts to rebuild the planes and get them back in the air – what will happen when they are airborne?

Session #5. Battle of Crowns (July 29-August 9) Session 5 is FULL. Accepting wait list only.

A long-lost heroine has returned to the three kingdoms, but is that really the Dragon Crown she wears? Her companion, Aracnidia the spider, seems to spin more webs than truth. Ancient rivalries begin anew. Who will lead the three kingdoms? Is there a lost fourth kingdom?

Session #6. Boarwald Academy (August 12-16) Session 6 is FULL. Accepting wait list only.

The Boarwald Academy is one of the oldest Schools of Magic and Wizardry in the Rural Midwest. Founded in its current location by Sörjen Olsen and her Skogkatt, Olaf, the Academy teaches the principles and methods of the Klokke Folk, the oldest branch of Wizardry and Hexekrafte in Scandinavia. Students learn the basics of potion making, spell writing and practice, botanical remedies, animal husbandry, history, and, of course, protection against Skappning.