Summer Registration


We will confirm registration via email. If you have not heard from us within two weeks of mailing in your registration forms, please contact

Spaces do fill quickly, so we suggest you return your registration form as soon as possible. We do need a hard copy of the 3-page registration form for each camper so please print and mail.

We require a $25 nonrefundable deposit per week, which will be credited toward your cost of enrollment. Please send a check with your registration form or note that you have made a Venmo payment on your form. Our Venmo is @countrycamp

These descriptions will suggest ideas, but what you decide to do in each session is up to you! It is fine to sign up for just part of a session and pay a pro-rated fee.

Session #1. The Palace Theatre (June 14 – June 25) [two-week session]

Session #1 is full. We are accepting wait list only.

The Palace Theatre, Cats Comedy Club, and Victoria’s Vaudeville Theatre are all showcasing new acts for the upcoming season. Vinnie and Violet Coldheart are scheming to keep all the profits – but everyone knows, the show must go on!

Session #2. Crooked Tree (June 28 – July 2) [one-week session]

Session #2 is full. We are accepting wait list only.

The good citizens of Crooked Tree keep their town running by an ingenious use of gears, gadgets, wheels, clocks, levers, and windmills.  It’s science fiction in the Old West, and the Mayor doesn’t like it.

There is no camp from July 5-9

Session #3. Bazaars of Mandelore (July 12 – July 23) [two-week session]

Session #3 is full. We are accepting wait list only.

Scavengers plunder whatever treasure they can to sell in the Bazaars of Mandelore. A group of Raiders know that some of the plunder has come from the Cravering Tomb and it carries a curse. They must find all the items and return them to the tomb before it is too late.

Session #4. Steamship Normania (July 26 – August 6) [two-week session]

We have a few openings in Session #4. Please email

Pack your bags, get your ticket, and board the Steamship Normania, traveling to the New Country. On arrival, you must find a shop to work in and join forces against some tricky and dubious characters – Jasper Jack, Maudie McGillicuddy, and Captain LaFayette.

Session #5. Boarwald Academy (August 9 – August 13) [one-week session]

Session #5 is full. We are accepting wait list only.

The Boarwald Academy is one of the oldest Schools of Magic and Wizardry in the Rural Midwest. Founded in its current location by Sörjen Olsen and her Skogkatt, Olaf, the Academy teaches the principles and methods of the Klokke Folk, the oldest branch of Wizardry and Hexekrafte in Scandinavia. Students learn the basics of potion making, spell writing and practice, botanical remedies, animal husbandry, history, and, of course, protection against Skappning.