Country Camp is a unique experience for children ages five to thirteen.

Located on 14.5 acres just outside of Iowa City, Iowa, the Country Camp offers children a wide range of outdoor activities. The acreage includes: two pastures, a gazebo, a flower garden, sand mountain, a vegetable garden, pond, pirate ship, hobbit house, little school house, machine shed/film studio, chicken house, small orchard, small village within an evergreen grove and our farmhouse.


The camp runs in thematic sessions. Our operating principle is to support and guide imaginative outdoor physical play. We have an excellent camper-to-staff ratio.thumb_IMG_7009_1024

Our counselors supervise through interaction, not observation. The themes suggest the play. Counselors support the children by providing necessary materials, offering physical help and, most importantly, playing a character. Many of our counselors are singers, dancers, actors and musicians.

13620709_1246635842047847_1344495581374176908_nCampers are encouraged to learn about the care and behavior of the animals at the acreage. We have chickens, geese, sheep, two Red Wattle pigs named Thelma and Louise (whose piglets arrived this summer!), a Gloucestershire Old Spots pig named Charlotte, a pony named Darling and a horse named Emerald.

P1150922Baby chicks and ducks arrive in early June.

There are eggs to collect and baby goats to bottle-feed and lead.

We have two friendly Labradors named Audrey and Herschel and an English Bulldog named Gatsby who tries to help with lunch cleanup.