Film Camp

Some of you are old pros at Film Camp, but others will be new each summer. In order to keep things running smoothly, we are providing some general guidelines and tips for the Film Camp session. First and foremost, understand that we are indeed making a feature-length movie! That is what Film Camp is all about. There will be an original script, set, and costumes.

Making a movie requires rehearsal of lines, wearing costumes, and patience. Film Camp is inherently different from our other camp sessions because we are making a film! For this reason, we will only register a child for Film Camp if he/she has previously attended a minimum of one full week of Country Camp.

  • If a camper has attended at least one full week of Country Camp in a previous summer, then the child is eligible for Film Camp.
  • If a new camper attends a full week of Country Camp earlier in the summer (prior to Film Camp), then the child is eligible for Film Camp in the same summer.

Please speak with us and with other parents about what Film Camp is like if you are not certain it is appropriate for your child.

We need our young actors and actresses to be at camp every day, on time during Film Camp in order to have scenes run smoothly. If your child isn’t at camp or leaves early, they won’t be in their particular scene and it complicates filming for everyone. If you think of anything that will require your child to be absent, please rearrange it, or don’t schedule it for those dates!

Film Camp is the most demanding session for kids. They learn lines and blocking for their scenes. The work can be tedious, as we need to shoot a scene from different angles. We explain this, and have several games that we play to prepare the kids for being on set, but if you think your child is going to balk at this sort of thing, do let us know in advance – maybe Film Camp is not appropriate for your child at this time. Scenes also require your child to say his or her line on cue. If your child really hesitates, says he/she doesn’t want to say the line, or seems too nervous, we will encourage a little but we don’t push – we simply give the line to someone else. Most kids grow with film experience. Some children who were quite camera shy in past films have amazingly increased in their confidence and ability. Don’t be upset with your child if he/she doesn’t feel confident at this point. Just being in the movie is a lot of fun for the kids. We want them to learn what it takes to make a movie. We love our veteran performers!

Film Camp requires kids to wear costumes. We provide these. They will not wear them home. They change separately (boys and girls) with help as needed, just before their scenes. The movie may require that your child get wet, muddy or have temporary makeup or hair products applied. We use products that wash out with mild soap and water. We will try to let you know before each day of filming what to expect. But it may not be possible, so if you expect a child clean and ready to go on to a lesson or out to dinner after camp, allow time for additional cleaning up at home first.

What is my child doing when he/she is not on set or on location? They are playing games with counselors, or visiting with the animals, or having free time, or in an organized game, or resting between scenes in a quiet activity of their choosing. Sometimes they are rehearsing their scene on set or location before the shoot. During the second week of Film Camp, the campers write, direct and film their own short (3-5 minute) movies with counselors.

We request that parents do not visit Film Camp! The kids like to surprise their parents with the sets, costumes and plot.

Details regarding the film premiere will be provided during the session. One copy of the film on DVD is included in the cost of registration.

Osage Studios (Country Camp) Productions:

  • The Brisquet Crown Affair: 2 (2017)
  • The Brisquet Crown Affair (2016)
  • Children of the Moor (2015)
  • Stage Fright (2014)
  • ISO-ORBITING The Movie (2013)
  • Fishing for Diamonds (2012)
  • Nobody Knows TV (2011)
  • Hulta Woods (2010)
  • Lollipop (2009)
  • Rattlesnake Gulch (2008)
  • Mound Report (Halloween 2008)
  • Weedums (2007)
  • Scream in G Minor (Halloween 2007)
  • Ring of Suspicion (2006)
  • Middleville (2005)
  • True Love for the Headmaster of Diddlesmere (2004)
  • Captured by Fear (2003)
  • Johnny Perowitz: The Musical (2002)
  • Quelthezar: The Broken Past (2001)
  • The Wolf Child (2000)